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black and yellow bee on wooden surface

Honey Bee

The honey bee is a hymenopterous social living insect in the bee and bumblebee family and is found in large numbers. Artificial hives must be maintained regularly to rid them of debris and to harvest honey. Under natural conditions, bees
closeup photography of brown spider


Spiders are an order of arthropods belonging to the class of arachnids. Other arachnids are also referred to by the term 'spider', such as the sea spiders and whip spiders. The representatives of the order Araneae are therefore also called
brown and black caterpillar on brown ground


Earthworms (Lumbricidae) are a family of invertebrates belonging to the ringworms (Annelida)and are common worldwide, except in arid climates and in Antarctica. They are usually found in large numbers, some species have even been released to improve soil structure. Earthworms